Sunday, 19 April 2009

Triumphant Pika

For the days i'm feeling a little blue and frustrated,
he always makes me smile.
No matter how ludicrous it all seems.
I find comfort in the insanity of our occasional madness.


Friday, 17 April 2009

"its like.....flogging a dead horse"

This is one of my final year university projects
using the theme of idioms.
idiom of choice being ' flogging a dead horse'....
After a lot of brain racking,
(and unfortunately, some first hand experience of the said idiom)
I came up with the concept of 'futile situations'
and here are a few of the scenarios I staged...


"flogging a dead a horse is like.."

.....thinking that beeping your horn madly will
definitely make the traffic move faster.

.....trying to complement your wife and win.

...trying to stick to your diet at Christmas.

...spending an hour trying to swat that fly with a ruler,
and then only for it to fly out the window
when you finally decide to give up.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

motorway journeys PART I

I seemed to have spent a vast amount of these Easter holidays traveling up and down the M1 with my family. The amount of time this has clocked up on my meter of precious time is staggering. So as per usual, I decided I would try and salvage some of this lost time by documenting, for the most part the monotony of my journey (aka) my brother above.
However, upon deciding to document this monotony I actually came across a few rather entertaining snapshots.

A bit of Dutch and Japan

A package apart,
how can you not love the graphics on these two great Dutch Timmermans beers?
I certainly did. Its history on a bottle,
if there's away to advertise the heritage of a brand,
this surely must be the way to do it!
As for the Japanese 'Pockey',
who said confectionery packaging for the youngsters
couldn't be elegant?


Model:Nailah Abdullah Photographer:me

The art of the apology
what makes a great apology?
Is the secret reverse psychology?
Are you feeling sorry that i'm feeling so sorry?
I hope so.